Tony Prince
otherwise known as Gay Tony, he is the premier night club of owner in Liberty City. However, with the down-turn in the economy, coupled with what he calls the "domestication" of the gay community (spending more time at home in a committed relationship, learning how to cook and decorate instead of being lonely and going to his club for companionship), his prestige and place in society is being affected. He resorted to getting financing for his operations from some less-than-reputable mafia individuals, and that is where things really start going downhill.

According to the LCPD Database - Tony has been arrested several times, most notably for tax evasion in 1985, for which he spent 3 months in jail. He was also convicted for possession of cocaine in 1996, and public lewdness in 1999. Tony also has problems with drugs, particularly cocaine and painkillers, and he has been to rehab 6 times.